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Name- Halena Iris Raske
Birthday- February 4, 1986
Height- 5'3"
Weight- 141
Hair Color- Brown
Eye Color- Brown ((Or Black depending))
        Halena Iris Raske was born to Mattias and Andrea Raske on February 4, 1986 in Corinth, Mississippi. She and her older sister by seven years, Maire, grew up without much parental supervision. Often times they were left home alone, with their mother leaving for weeks and their father returning every few days. Until Halena turned five they were kept unaware of their mother's occupation. Andrea was a hunter of supernatural creatures, accounting for all the time she spent away while their father only dabbled in it, taking on the role as a primary caregiver when he was there. Beginning in 1991, they sisters were started on a training regiment by their mother who was determined to have Maire out in the field hunting with her by the age of fifteen, much to their father's displeasure. Despite Mattias's unhappiness with his daughters being trained to be hunters themselves, he could not persuade their strong willed mother to leave them be, causing a lot of fighting between the two adults, and the girls were trained regardless. At the age of nine, Halena 's mother was killed hunting in Washington, this sent their father into a downward spiral. He sought revenge and disappeared, presumably killed as well. Once it was noticed by school administration and others that the girl's parents had disappeared, leaving them to fend for themselves, the sisters were placed into the foster system. The two sisters went between foster home to foster home for two years before finally getting out when Maire turned eighteen. 
    By the age of 12, Halena was hunting with her older sister, forced to go to school by the now nineteen year old. Throughout her high school career Halena and Maire became very distant, with Halena developing a deep seated resentment towards her sister, who often chastised her. Due to this she became reckless, hanging around dangerous people and was arrested once during high school for an attempted armed robbery, managing to be released without the families pressing charges on the condition that she would see a psychiatrist twice a week. Halena managed to barely graduate high school in 2004 and continued to hunt with her sister afterwards, though she often would leave for months without warning to hunt on her own after a fight with Maire. This cycle continued two more years until she was midway into her twenties. 
    It wasn't until November of 2006, at the age or twenty, that her life went from bad mistakes to worse. She was on a hunt with Maire, after one of their legendary fights, they had agreed to put up with each other just until the job was done. They were hunting a nest of vampires, and a large one at that. They had managed to widdle down the numbers of the nest for at least a week, but they had to take out the bulk of the nest before they fled. They arrived at the nest location and upon doing a sweep they found no sign that the vampires were still inhabiting the warehouse, and upon finding no vampires Halena insisted that they just leave without checking the rest of the warehouse and let the rest of the nest be someone else's problem. Maire was tired of arguing with her sister so she agreed hesitantly, leading them through the maze of a warehouse, when four vampires ambushed them. There was a struggle and the vampires were killed, however during the fight Maire had been mortally wounded, past the point of saving and she died almost immediately. Distraught after Maire died without her being able to do anything, Halena immediately went to a crossroads and made a deal for her sister to be brought back to life with a demon, agreeing to two years before her deal was up.
    During her allotted two years she spent much of her time avoiding her sister, seeing her was a painful reminder of what was to come for her. Two years later, in November, her deal came due and she was killed and sent to Hell. While in Hell she experienced horrible tortures, eventually until they twisted and corrupted her soul into that of a demon. After three full years in Hell she was allowed back to Earth, this time however as a demon. She went from town to town at first, causing general chaos for a short time before moving on. However the longer she took part in it the more refined her tactics became. It got to where she would go into a city, possess someone and force them to commit atrocious crimes, only vacating the hosts when they were arrested or killed. Eventually she settled down and took a body so she could move among humans once more. She spent her time doing similar acts until 2011.
    In 2011 she was apprehended and captured by the Winchesters. Instead of being killed, she begged for them to let her live and she'd provide them with any information they'd want willingly. They hesitantly agreed, planning on killing her once she was no longer of use to them. They took her as a willing hostage, keeping her locked away in a Devil's Trap and coming to speak with her for information only. Eventually as she continuously proved her worth to keep alive, Dean didn't feel it as necessary to go to intimidate her for answers, leaving questioning and taking care of her up to Sam. Eventually Sam began to give her more freedom, always keeping the trap in tact but removing the bonds etc. As time went on and she continued to be willing to help, she and Sam spent a lot more time together. Over time he began to break down all the walls she'd constructed to protect herself and they became  very fond of each other, eventually leading to her release and her decision to stick around and help them.
Personality Traits-
    As a human Halena was careless, reckless, and lived life however she saw fit, often the stem of the problems between Maire and her. Halena as a demon is very self serving, and interested in protecting herself. Despite this she is will help someone if given the opportunity, especially if it aligns with her own interests. She is extremely critical of herself and things she did in the past, she always finding faults in herself before anyone else. In dealing with her human life and torture to become a demon, she often tries to avoid the subject, if she has to talk about it she will go into as little description as possible. Halena is often concerned with getting too close to people or others of her kind, she usually is expecting some form of betrayal, tragedy to the person or a painful experience for herself. Despite being a demon she is not completely heartless, she will and has done things to help people and to reconnect with the more human side of her psych that is connected to her memories of being a human. 
    X When thinking about her sister she is often most drawn to the fact that Maire moved on after her death, quit hunting and raised a family without ever doing anything in her awareness to help get her out of Hell. Besides grief, the main reason she made a deal for Maire was because she believed her older sister had more of a future than she ever would. 
    X As a human Halena had a dream catcher tattoo on her right arm, therefore, whenever she takes a body she thinks will be long term she will get the same tattoo on her new body. 
    X She will often be seen wearing a silver triangle necklace, feather earrings, and having multiple other ear piercings. 
    X Her favorite colors are reds, more specifically dark red. 
Halena Bio
Bio for my Supernatural character, Halena. I figured this would be helpful to get down somewhere. 

Halena is mine
SPN etc. c) Eric Kripke

Please Help a Friend Out !

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 28, 2015, 6:22 PM
Copy and Pasted from TrainScribbler's Journal entry today. Y'all if you can please help her out, she certainly deserves it !
"I've just received the news that I will be losing my pay for the next 6 weeks and the last week and a half. Two months without wages...

I'm going to keep it short and to the point. I am fucked. I have no idea how I will pay my rent, how I will pay my bills, I have no idea how I'm going to live. I don't have family that I can go to for help, and I can get no support from the government because I am still in employment.

So I'm asking for help. If anyone can spare a few pence, or if anyone can just signal boost this, I'd be eternally grateful. I feel disgusting doing this but I really don't know what else to do....…

I am also open for commissions as well, and today seem to have finally gotten rid of the shakes enough that I can work again. If anyone is interested, my info is here:…

I'm so sorry to even put this up guys, I'm just beyond screwed and I really don't know what I'm going to do...."

If you are interested in commissioning her look at these examples of the freaking awesome artwork you would be paying for !
Safe With Her... by TrainScribbler
Above and Below by TrainScribbler
The Little Things by TrainScribbler

OC Feature !

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 27, 2015, 6:38 PM
1. For the first 10 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one)
2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I feature you after you made the journal placing me as 1.

1. LevairAmeliaRivaille
 Levair's reference - Official DFPF Look.Bio added by LevairAmeliaRivaille
I won't lie that I don't know a anything about DFPF but I really like Levair's design. Her dress is beautiful and from what I gather she has a very cool lineage.

Which of my OCs do you prefer ? (Last Poll of my Premium) 

2 deviants said Inkar
2 deviants said Other/Comment
1 deviant said Atariel
1 deviant said Amareth
1 deviant said Halena
No deviants said Sedrin
No deviants said Bryn


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